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CME Brochure Page 6

CME Brochure Page 6
Make Waves – Be Ahead of the Wave

Make Waves

Be ahead of the wave.

The world is changing fast, and technology is advancing even faster. Five years from now, you will be working with products and processes that do not exist today. If the idea of being the one who designs, develops and manufactures these new products and processes is exciting to you, then the Center for Manufacturing Excellence (CME) is the place to be.

The CME will prepare you to recognize and seize opportunities. Its unique interdisciplinary approach combines the technical knowledge you need to create new products with the business and accountancy skills needed to market the products and run the business.

The CME will immerse you in the concept and philosophy of modern  manufacturing and prepare your mind for a higher level of thinking.  The kind of thinking you need to make waves in the world.

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