Training Overview

What is it?

Training - Standardized Work - Problem Solving
  • The first training of three training
  • Learn basic TPS (Toyota Production System)
    Focus on Basic Standardized Work
  • Conducted on the manufacturing floor
  • Make physical improvements for the host company

Who should participate?

  • Strong desire to learn the basics of TPS
  • Willing to learn by doing
  • Responsible for making improvements on daily basis
  • Responsible for improving quality, productivity, and cost at production process or a line

What are the benefits?

  • Learn
    - how to observe
    - how to identify bottleneck and prioritize problems
    - explicit and tacit know-how
    - how to do kaizen
  • Apply one's own learning to improve quality, productivity and cost at one's own processes

How is it Structured?

Training - Number of Coaches